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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 16

Shamus Young | 5 May 2010 09:00
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I push up the last hill and through a tight choke point to reach a broad cave that contains the dear carcass.


I have to search a rotting, half-eaten deer carcass to get Everard's lucky stone. If I'm very lucky, I won't puke my guts out.


I don't think this stone is as lucky as Everard says it is.

I stagger back out of the cave and find that the valley is once again filled with a great herd of evenly distributed bears. I cut a path in, but I guess they ... called for reinforcements? Or something?

Down the hill. Through the den. Up the hill. Past the waterfall. Down the hill into town.

Total bear casualties: 20.

Seriously. What do the developers have against bears?

I hand the sling stone over to Everard. He smiles, "Thank you friend, I don't know what I would-"


"TWENTY BEARS!" I scream in his face, "I killed twenty bears so you could have this stupid rock. You're lucky I don't run you through!"

"I knew it! My sling stone is lucky!" he cheers. He hands me my coppers.

I suppose we'd best get this out of the way...


People want to see bears dead.
But I'd rather sing a song instead.

I don't take pride in bears destroyed,
But it's what I do. (When employed.)

I'd rather sing to show my skills,
But killing bears? It pays the bills.

Now I'm a hunter of distinction:
I'll drive these bastards to extinction.

Well, it looks like Overhill is not a magical place where people hand out huge sums of money to perform simple tasks. Worse, there's only one job left in town...

Next time: Along came a spider...

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