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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 17

Shamus Young | 12 May 2010 09:00
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Hey, Happy 3rd anniversary to Lord of the Rings Online. There's a bash going on in-game, although I won't be covering it here in this series. As a rule, I avoid seasonal / holiday quests in my series like this one. There's usually a few weeks of delay between my playing and your reading, so by the time it got to you the event would most likely be over. Worse, I don't want to have to worry about having the event ending and the quest givers all vanishing when I'm halfway through writing about it.

Anyway, happy 3rd to LotRO and a round of applause for the developers at Turbine. I know I make fun of the game here, but they've got a robust game with a healthy and friendly userbase. They're a talented bunch, even if they do have some disturbing anti-bear aggression issues they need to work out.


Otho Broadbelt has a spider problem. He was delivering a cart of mushrooms when his cart was suddenly "boiling over with spiders" from out of his bags. He figures he must have accidentally picked up some spider eggs along with the mushrooms. He ran away from the cart, leaving his goods behind. He wants me to recover them.

He warns me that there are likely spiders all over the place, and that I should be careful.

Clearly I should not take this job. He's even warning me up front that I'm going to have to fight a lot of spiders. The last guy promised one bear and I got twenty. If I do this I'll probably find the cart is guarded by infinity spiders.

But! The cart itself is on the way to the next town. It wont hurt to just look for it on the way. Off I go.

There are Goblins prowling around the woods here. I avoided them earlier today when I was murdering bears, but as I cut through the woods I run into one that is sort of in my way. He's just a bit too close to the cart and I don't want him jumping me when the spiders start pouring out of the woodwork. I stride over and poke holes in him until he stops being a problem.


After that, I head the rest of the way down the hill and arrive at Otho's cart. I don't see any spiders.


I have some pies here that are invigorating and can give you extra energy and courage to get through a fight. I scarf one down before I get any closer. Finally I take a deep breath and take a few steps towards the cart.

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