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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 19

Shamus Young | 26 May 2010 09:00
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I reach the final chamber, where I find a skull resting on a nearby rock.


A chipped skull? Did I fire up Diablo II by mistake?

I swipe it and make for the exit.

As before, most of the dialog is verbatim from the game. I've changed a bit here and there to edit for length and such, but I'm not adding insanity to these characters.

"It certainly is a hideous thing, isn't it?" Wilcome says worriedly when I show him the skull.


"It's a skull," I point out, "Have you ever heard of a friendly-looking skull? Even kittens have creepy looking skulls."

He looks closer, "I can't tell if it's a goblin skull or not, but it does seem to be missing a tooth. Missing a tooth! Oh dear! Pansy told me you found a goblin tooth inside a rabbit hole on the Greenfields!"

"No, actually, it was just a r-"

"This must be Golfimbul's head, rolled all the way down to this quarry from the rabbit hole it landed in during the battle of Greenfields hundreds of years ago!"

"Waaaait a minute," I say, rubbing my temples in anticipation of the coming mental stir-fry. "Did you say it 'Rolled down into the mines?' You just found this thing when digging a tunnel!"

Wilcome nods vigorously, thinking we're on the same page.

I look back towards the hill between this town and the Greenfields, "So.. the skull popped up out of the rabbit hole where it had fallen, traveled across the rolling grasslands of the Greenfields, went uphill and over the wall into Scary, rolled through town, fell down into the quarry, and was then transported through a hundred feet of solid rock where it landed upright on a naturally occurring table of stone? And then a swarm of spiders came and hung around the skull and waited for someone to dig them out?"

He pushes the skull into my hands, "You've got to take this to Brombard Foxtail at the Mathom-house in Michel Delving. Bullroarer's club in on display there, and I'd wager old Golfimbul hasn't forgotten Bullroarer's mighty club."

"Are you seriously suggesting we scare a skull by taking it a museum so we can frighten it with a golf club?"

"He won't try anything while that's at hand!"

"No, he won't try anything because his head is off and he's been dead for 200 years!"

So, I make the trip to Michel Delving, which is...


...the town furthest from where we are now.

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