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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 19

Shamus Young | 26 May 2010 09:00
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Halros offers to help Primstone out and suggests we meet up back at his camp.

It's good to get out of the cave and into the open air again. Well, it would be a lot nicer if Halros didn't decorate his camp with Dead Goblin® brand air fresheners.


As the sun sets, we gather around the fire and discuss the battle.

Halros reveals that Lubach was invading the Shire under the direction of one Eogan, who has eluded Halros thus far. I consider telling him that I met Eogan a couple of weeks ago and kicked his ass, but he would probably just assume I was messing with him.

"Alas," he says, "This has been a joyless victory."

"Maybe for you," I say as I pocket the silver and five coppers he's handed me. "And while we're settling up, weren't you supposed to bring some help to that fight?"

"It is unsettling, but I was unable to find my kinsman. I would ask that you go to Bree and seek out the head of my order."

Halros goes on to explain that he wants me to look into the missing ranger problem by talking to some ranger boss who is staying at the Prancing Pony Inn.

Great. A ranger hanging out in a tavern. I'm sure he's a do-nothing dunderhead like the rest, but a job is a job. More to the point, I'm fresh out of towns where I can show my face. At this point it's either leave the Shire or quit, because I've left a trail of outrage and shame in my wake.

Well, seeing Halros again has encouraged me to find out what inglorious, absurd, and (hopefully) hilarious manner of death Amdir finally met.


So I'm heading east to find Amdir and talk to this Aragoof fellow.

Next time: Way out east!

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