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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 19

Shamus Young | 26 May 2010 09:00
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I'm in the town of Scary. Things could be going better.

I've been working on the problem of a goblin invasion. Generally people fall into two camps with regards to goblins:

1) AH! I saw a goblin! We are dooooooomed!
2) Bah. The goblins are a myth.

Somewhere between these two viewpoints, it would be nice to find someone who thought that walking out to the goblin camp and killing them all would be a good plan. I have brought back news of the goblin camp to one Wilcome Tunnelly, in hopes that he would mobilize his people to do exactly that. Instead, he's sending me into the mines because they have a... spider problem? And in order to fix the spider problem, he wants me to recover a skull they uncovered at the bottom of the mine?


Wilcome is warning me that I'll need help on this job. Sadly, there's no help to be had. I don't really have any friends that go in for this adventuring type of business. And It's been days since I saw another adventurer running around.

No, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it alone. In we go.


This is a small-group quest, designed for 2-4 people. I'm sure there are hardcore players out there who solo this at the proscribed level, but if you're one of those people then you don't need my help.

While it's a group quest, there's really only one spot where you need a group. A little ways in is a Spider Queen. Once she sees you, a good half dozen more spiders will rush in and you'll end up in a huge battle. Without numbers on your side, you're probably screwed. Even a character several levels higher can be killed by those odds. The strategy that worked for me is this:

1) Buff yourself to the eyeballs.
2) Rush in and unload everything you have on the Queen. If you've got some special once-every-three-minutes kind of powers, this is the time to use them.
3) As soon as you squash her, run for the exit. The other spiders can't follow you up the ladder.
4) Sit outside and suck your thumb until you stop crying and bleeding.
5) Go back in and do the dungeon normally. The spiders will have forgotten about you. Without the Queen, you should be able to fight the rest of them one or two at a time.


Here we are again, killing waves of spiders at the behest of a crazy man. I must say, things haven't changed much since my adventure first began.

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