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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 20

Shamus Young | 2 Jun 2010 09:00
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Apparently this town is called "Combe," which I didn't bother to learn last time I was here. I just thought of it as "The other Archet, the one that didn't burn down." Now that I know the name of the place, I don't think I'll be making any special effort to remember it.

I go to the Inn, and the barmaid sends me upstairs, where I meet...


Another ranger? Great. I can't seem to get away from these guys. Toradan has the usual ranger difficulty in wearing hoods in such a way that he can see in front of him. I guess it looks more mysterious this way.

He was a friend of Amdir's, and seems to fancy himself a spy of sorts. As I enter he looks behind me, as if he expected that someone might follow me directly into his room without either of us noticing. Then he ventures a glimpse out the window.

"Lots of people hovering just outside your second-story window?" I ask him deadpan.

He speaks in a stage whisper, "Lulzy. I apologize for the cryptic summons, but I dared not betray my whereabouts to just anyone."

"I can see why. You're a stranger. From out of town, no less. And staying at an inn? Very suspicious."

If he detects my sarcasm, he doesn't show it. "I've been looking for my friend Amdir," he explains as he steals another anxious glance out the window.

"You've been looking for him? What? In this room?!?" I exclaim.

He winces as I raise my voice, and motions for me to come closer. Lowering his voice even more he explains, "I am certain he is being held by the Blockwolds, somewhere here in Chetwood. We must find a way to enter their lair and free him."

I whisper back, "And by 'we' you mean...?"

I'm whispering. Why am I whispering?

"You should seek out Constable Underhill and enlist his aid," Toradan explains.

"So... your plan to find Amdir was to sit in a room by yourself until a stranger came along and you could ask them to go find someone else to help you?"

"No," he says gravely. "My plan was to send a messenger to Brackenbrook to tell you to talk to the barmaid so she could send you to me so you could go and talk to Underhill for me."

"But... you had a messenger already? Why did you send the messenger to the next town to ask someone to find you another messenger? Actually, constable Underhill is right outside beside the Inn. If you want to talk to him, open the window!"

Tordan places a finger over his lips and sneaks another glance outside. I guess I just don't understand this spy business.

"Fine," I say with a sigh. "I'll have a word with the constable."

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