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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 21

Shamus Young | 9 Jun 2010 09:00
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This must be the place. It's a farm? The only thing around is a dog kennel. So... it's a dog farm?

I poke around until I spot the half-warg / half-dog beast that Ellie wants made dead. Maybe, being a female, it won't be as aggressive and I'll be able to kill it without a big struggle.


Hi there. Come here girl. Nice doggie, come give auntie Lulzie some snuggly-lovey.



Well, they're flesh-hungry hell-dogs for sure, but they're a lot less feisty with their heads off. Once I've killed mommy, I look around the place.


A haystack? Is this a special farm for hay-eating bandit dogs? This is very hard to understand.

I don't see Amdir or any kind of brigand bossman. So if this is their main base, it's woefully understaffed. I am suspecting that perhaps this is not actually their main base. I really hope this is because Ellie has betrayed me and not because she's too stupid to send me to the right brigand stronghold.

Let's go back to Cutleaf and find out.

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