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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 21

Shamus Young | 9 Jun 2010 09:00
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Sooo... the town of Combe.


Since arriving in town I've discovered that the inhabitants can be divided into two groups:

1) Idiots
2) Me

And since I'm working for people in group #1, it's entirely possible that there might be some overlap between the two.


I'm working with one of the town's outstanding group #1 representatives, Ellie Cutleaf. She used to work with the brigands and claims she can give me directions to their hideout. She helped them cross-breed dogs with a warg, which is like mating goldfish with sharks. You might argue that it's unfair to label her an idiot if she's able to get those two things to mate. But I would have to say that taking a job raising ravenous dogs for people who are trying to kill you has to go pretty far towards getting you elected mayor of idiot town.

A warg is basically an orcish murderhorse, and it kind of seems like cheating for the brigands to keep stacking the odds when they already have us out-numbered and out-brained. Then again, it's rather sporting of them to sub-contract the warg-breeding to one of the locals. Nice of them to stimulate the local economy before they come in and kill everyone.

My supposed goal is to get Ellie to help me take apart the brigand forces, but that's just a cover for my secret goal to find Amdir, which is just a cover for my real, actual goal, which is to make enough money to buy clothes that will make people die of envy.

Ellie wants me to go in and kill off all the half dog / half warg things she helped them raise.

It seems like it would be a lot easier to send the person who raised the dogs in the first place. She could walk right up to them and strangle their stupid fluffy asses while they wonder what they did to anger mommy. Nobody would even get hurt. (Except the dogs, who would die horribly, filled with a sense of confusion and betrayal. Which is fine.) But instead she's sending in a bite-sized stranger.

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