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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 22

Shamus Young | 16 Jun 2010 09:00
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"It is good that you've returned," he says in a low whisper after he's moved away from the window and made sure I wasn't followed.

"Look, I think I know where the bandits are-" Toradan cuts me off with a hiss. I retaliate with the loudest possible eyeroll.

"You found Amdir?" he mouths.

I nod.

"Good. I have spent the last few days formulating a plan."

I nod. It will be nice to have a plan for once. I'm not crazy about walking into a bandit hideout without knowing what I'm up against.

He continues, "After careful consideration, I think the best plan is for you to go to the hideout."

There is a pause. After a few moments a gesture for him to continue.

"Once there, you should free Amdir."

"That's it?" I say out loud. "That's your whole plan. Just go in and free him? You don't have anything else to offer?"

He shrugs, "After you free him, you should probably do your best to escape."

"Brilliant," I say as I storm out.

"I'll be along to help you shortly!" he rasps as I slam the door.

And with that, I'm off to...

Trips to Chetwood: 6

The bandit base is built into the side of a cliff beside a waterfall, which is visible from the lumber camp.


This is the base? This is the super-secret base that nobody could find? I guess it's a good thing the townspeople never bother looking at things like spectacular scenic waterfalls, or they might have noticed this.


You can't enter the doorway unless you have this quest.

A few dozen people live in this cave. Somehow they managed to move in, get supplies, furnish the place, recruit from the nearby town, and install a door, all without a single townie taking notice.

Let's recap:

Ellie used to work with these brigands breeding dogs, and she's contacted them (I guess the post office must deliver here?) and let them know that I'm a new recruit. This will get me in the front door.

Rumor has it Amdir is being held prisoner here. If possible, I should try and break him out of the filthy brigand prison and take him back to town to be put into one of our prisons, which are much nicer. He's been stabbed by one of those Morgul blade thingies, which is gradually poisoning his mind and making him a servant of the Dark Lord. Amdir is a magnificent dolt and if I was the Dark Lord I wouldn't let him do anything more challenging than sweep the floors of my doom fortress, but we still need to keep an eye on him.

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