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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 22

Shamus Young | 16 Jun 2010 09:00
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Well, let's go meet the bandit bossman.

At last I come face-to-face with the baleful leader of the brigands, the terrible captain of these fell criminals. It's the dreaded...



William Skunkwood!?!


He's not as funny as my old friend Dirk Mudbrick, but then Dirk wasn't posing as the head honcho of Brigands, Inc.

At first I'm worried he's going to suspect me of being a spy on account of me being a Hobbit. But Skunkwood thinks nothing of it and welcomes me with a grand gesture, "You are now part of the Blackwold brigands! It's good that you've come. We've suffered some losses recently."

"Yeah, I wouldn't know anything about that," I say nervously. "So... I heard rumor that you've got a ranger here?"

"Yes! He's an incredibly important prisoner. Since you're new, I'll grant you access to his cell immediately."

"I can just go see him?" I ask in surprise. "You don't have any duties for me, the new recruit?"

"Are you still here?"


"No. Bye," I say over my shoulder as I jog out.

Let's go see how Amdir is doing.

Next Time: He's not gettin' any more handsome, that's for sure.

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