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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 23

Shamus Young | 23 Jun 2010 09:00
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I should say that Skunkweed's dogs are something of a handful compared to the fights I've been having. This either speaks of the excellent quality of his dogs, or the awful quality of his men. There are several minutes of stabbing and fur and swearing, and at the end of it Skunksack is dead and Ms. Oakheart has walked nearly three paces.

He's dead, and I feel like I need to mark the occasion by saying something witty. Are there any more puns I could make with his name? Or maybe a joke where I work in calling him "roadkill" somehow? I'm still standing there trying to work out what I want to say when I realize Sara has moved on and his now creeping inexorably towards the door.


At long last we reach the entrance, where Amdir is facing off against Toradan.


This is a semi-interactive cutscene. You can move around freely, but you can't attack Amdir or anything sensible like that. All you can do is watch.

Toradan seems to be lamenting that Amdir has turned evil. Not wanting to waste an obvious opportunity, I offer Toradan some advice, "Hey! Less talking, more stabbing."

"All of you stay back! It's too late for him!" Toradan says.

Impatiently I add, "He's wide open. Stab him."

Toradan shakes his head, "I am sorry, my friend, but I must end this."

"STAB HIM!" I shout.

Amdir stabs Toradan.

"Not you!" I say, exasperated.


Amdir strolls away, leaving Toradan to die.

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