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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 23

Shamus Young | 23 Jun 2010 09:00
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"Tordan?" I say as a sit down beside him.


"Yes young Hobbit?" he groans.

"You guys totally suck, you know that, right?"

Toradan winces as he tries to staunch the flow of blood, "Yes. I know."

Turning evil seems to have done wonders for Amdir's combat prowess. Maybe this is just his calling in life?

"He is lost to us," says Toradan.

"I did tell you to stab him."

He nods and draws in another nasty gurgling breath to speak again, "Find my brethren! Warn them!" And with that he dies.

And so I'm left with Sara. True to her word, she tells me everything she knows, "I got my stick back! I'd have been lost without it."

And with that she takes off sprinting for the front door. I actually couldn't catch her if I wanted.


I think that inside of the offices at Turbine there's a little bell that rings every time someone does this quest, and then everyone stops work to laugh and laugh until they're short of breath.

So, another ranger is dead, Amdir is running free in the service of the Evil That Wussies Do Not Name, and a senile old woman has her stick. I guess I should... head back to town now?

Next time: How am I supposed to explain this mess?

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