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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, The Finale!

Shamus Young | 7 Jul 2010 09:00
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We push deeper in. I stab a few more reprobates and Torthann engages in an activity that looks as much like interpretive dance as it does swordfighting.


But then we come to a gruesome platform where many men have been sacrificed. There is a Dwarf performing some sort of evil ritual here, killing his own men in the service of... something. I don't know. This Black Book stuff gives me the heebie-jeebies.

As I mentioned before, Aragorn (Strider) is the point where all of the quests from the various starting areas come together. Skorgrim here is the main villain of the Dwarf story. Like Eogan, he never appeared in Tolkien's book, and was added so that players would have Important People that they could oppose and eventually kill. (Because the major villains of Lord of the Rings are all accounted for.)

"My servants will deal with you!" be bellows. Then there is a flash of light, and out of the ground rises a horrifying Barrow-Wight.


And also two rats? Was he afraid the Wight couldn't do the job, but the rats would give him the edge he needed?

Well, my heart is gripped in fear and I'm probably about to die, but damned if I'm not going to stab somebody before I go.

"Torthann!" I cry, finding my voice. "You flank the Wight while I..."

But Torthann has already jumped into action and is now heroically fighting one of the two rats.

"Or, I could fight the Wight by myself." I say. "And also the other rat. I guess."

And then I do.

There is a lot of crazy magic being flung around and to be honest I don't understand any of it. There's strange screams and flashes of light and rolling waves of darkness and insanity. I just keep chopping, and eventually the air clears and everything is pretty much dead, aside from Torthann's rat, which is giving him a little trouble.

One good stomp later and we hurry around the platform to the next gate.

"That was a hell of a thing," I admit. "I mean, I never thought I'd even see something crazy like that in my whole life."


Torthann scratches his nose and stares for a bit. "Don't lose your nerve now," he says.

"Maybe I'd do a bit better in the nerves department if you actually helped with the fighting. What were you doing over there, trying to tame the rat?"

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