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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, The Finale!

Shamus Young | 7 Jul 2010 09:00
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We charge through the gate and find ourselves climbing a massive stair.


At the top we find...


Five Nazgul, ring-wraith Amdir, and Eogan, who you may remember from way back in the day. They're all having an Evil ceremony of Evil Evilness in honor of Amdir's new job as a Slave of Fear and Darkness. They even got him a nice new set of red robes.

You know, Strider may be the most gorgeous hunk of a man I've ever seen, but we are very quickly getting to the point where this might not be worth it.

"My Lords! The rangers approach with fire!" Eogan cries.

Suddenly the Nazgul shuffle out the back door. Are they really all afraid of him? Wow.

Strider bursts in with a torch in one hand and a sword in another, an engine of fury. "In the name of the DĂșnedain!" he shouts as he chases after the Nazgul. What a man.

"Strider, sweetie!" I yell after him. "Do you need me? I can come with-"


Suddenly Eogan steps in front of me.

I say six words to him. I punctuate each word with a forward thrusting motion with my sword-arm: "GET. OUT. OF. MY. WAY. ASSHOLE!"

Eogan then topples over, dead. For real this time. But I'm too late. The gates slammed shut after my man, and I can't follow him. I could just cry.

With a heavy sigh I turn to Torthann, "Looks like we can't follow. At least I got to settle up with Eogan. I've been meaning to track him down for the last couple of weeks now and give him a proper-"

I trail off. Torthann is looking and gesturing at something over my shoulder. I to see what the fuss is about.


Damn it, it's always something, isn't it?

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