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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 4

Shamus Young | 4 Aug 2010 09:00
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Hm. So... what am I supposed to do about it? I punch stuff, and blizzards are not punch-able. I mean, I'll give it a go if there's XP in it, but I hope you guys have a Plan B.

Oh, also there are zombies attacking. You can barely get anyone to shut up about the weather to tell you about it, but they've got a zombie problem.

I have arrived at Force Station Steelhead, the local good-guy headquarters. Judging by the weather in Millennium City, it must be summer, but everything is frozen here. So this is all permafrost, I guess. Which makes me wonder what the base is here for. There aren't any cities around. Are we guarding the snow?


The place uses pretty standard Canadian architecture: A walled-off compound of pod buildings with neon trim, built in the middle of a glacial wasteland. You know, standard stuff.

Well, first things first. I go to the powerhouse. The powerhouse is a self-contained complex where you can obtain and test out new powers when you level. You get there through a big gear-shaped teleporter / stargate.

On the way to the gate, I pass some civilians. The poor folks are caught outside without protection from the cold.


These poor, poor people. They don't even have coats. I warn them that they should find someplace to get warm, and let them know that THIS IS NO ORDINARY STORM.

They're injured and suffering, and the small number of medical people around can't do anything but stare listlessly into space as their charges die of shock, exposure, or hypothermia. Even worse is that they're sitting ducks out here and easy prey for the invading zombies. Even if they don't succumb to the cold or their injuries, they'll most likely end up chewed to death by the shambling undead. It's a tragic and bleak scene of human suffering and drives home the terrible cost of this storm. If only there was someplace these people could go for shelter.

Anyway, I wish them luck and walk through the nearby gate to enter the toasty warm and perfectly safe power house where all the other superheroes are hanging out.


Man, is it roomy in here, or what? It's like, I bet I could fit about twenty or thirty dying frostbitten civilians in this room alone! Just imagine what you could do with all this space. We should set up a disco!

I talk to the trainer and get hooked up with my travel power, which is flight. Because wearing a cape and walking is like hitchhiking while dressed as an airline pilot. Nobody would think to ask you why you aren't flying if you weren't wearing that. I also gain access to a new superpower I like to call, "Punching, only more so."

Now, back outside to the storm. I need to make it stop snowing and zombie-ing all over this place.

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