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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 6

Shamus Young | 18 Aug 2010 09:00
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While you were learning about the great land of Canada, I upgraded my powers.

I took the "regeneration" passive ability. If you find yourself playing the game, for the love of spandex, take this power. When I played, it was hilariously broken at the low and mid-levels. With just a few points in the recovery stat, I could should be able to heal faster than foes damaged me. I've been in fights with groups of same-level foes where I was able to simply hold the "block" button and wait for my health to fill all the way back up while the enemy pounded away at me. Whee!


I hope for your sake you didn't read this.

My first job is to look around just outside of base and recover items from the airliner crash. I need the black box, the passenger manifest, and the pilots log, which apparently... fell out of the plane? I was always under the impression that the black box was, you know, attached or something. I guess Canadian Airlines uses their black box as a doorstop. Whatever. Luckily, the items are all about ten steps outside of base and within twenty feet of each other. And intact.

On the downside, the items are guarded by the Hunter-Patriots, who are the predominant terrorist group in Canada. (Viper, the other major terrorist group, is smaller but better armed and equipped.) Their plans seem to be thus:

1) Groups of dudes in parkas will bury themselves in the snow, right outside of the Steelhead base.
2) When a superhero comes along, they leap out of the snow and attack.
3) They get beat up. Yay good guys.


Out on the frozen lake, I have to fight some more Hunter-Patriots. Here is a commander kneeling on the ice, looking at me through his binoculars from ten feet away. I wonder if he's using them backwards, "Oh! There's a superhero, but he's like, way off in the distance."

I have to beat up a Hunter-Patriots commander, to get him to tell me about couple of supervillains I've passed about a half dozen times so far. Once I beat up the super-villains, they tell me their plans, and then I can go thwart those plans by beating up additional Hunter-Patriots.


Credit where it's due: One of the super-villains is Lynx, a cat girl. She signed on with the bad guys just because she wanted the cat girl costume / abilities, and then had second thoughts once she saw their plans. She doesn't really want to join a terrorist group, she just wanted to be a cat girl. I liked this idea. It was humorous without being stupid nonsense, and it manages to do it without simply referencing some other, funnier fiction. I would be so much happier if the game had gone for this style of humor instead of the slapstick goofball stuff it's usually engaged in.

Back at base, I meet Lt. Fisher. He was out on patrol with his buddies when (and I am not making this up) Mister Zombie attacked and buried Fisher's squad mates in the snow in an effort to create more zombies. Fisher wants me to go out and rescue his team.

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