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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 7

Shamus Young | 25 Aug 2010 09:00
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Once the Idiot Trust is dead, I release the astral brain projecting brain guy from his container.


So ... astral brain guy. Nice to meet you in person. Or whatever. You know what I mean. Say, aren't you a bit ... you know ... cold?

So, under the direction of a giant floating brain, I freed the terrorists from the control of a tiny floating brain so that they would once again be free to terrorize the unpopulated Canadian wastes.

Is that a win for the good guys or not? I can't even tell anymore.

I return to Ice Base Steel Force or whatever the idiot good guys are calling their clubhouse. One of the great joys of being a superhero is to get up on something tall and then stand around brooding and looking down on all the little people, and I could use a little joy right now.


I think I need to increase the draw distance, because I can't see them from up here.

Does it seem like we've been stuck in Canada for a long time? The truth is, I've skipped about a third of the Canadian missions here in this write-up. The whole thing feels like it goes on for a couple of hours longer than it really should.

Back at base I meet Lt. Douglas McKenzie (sigh) who informs me that a Dr. Karl Severisen (sigh) has built an observation post to the north and is monitoring the activities of the terrorist group Viper. (Sigh.)

Right. So I guess we'll go and ruin Viper's day. It's not fair that I should be the only miserable person in Canada.

Next time: For those of you who are sick of Canada, now it's time for... MORE OF THE SAME!

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