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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 9

Shamus Young | 15 Sep 2010 09:00
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Ah Millennium City! At last, I can start to feel like a superhero. Hopefully my time in Canada won't have any lasting effects on me. Before we get started and make a mess of the city, let's take the tour, eh?

Remember that Millennium City used to be Detroit. It was destroyed by Dr. Destroyer, and when they rebuilt the city they renamed it as well. I guess in the process of renaming it they also added 200 foot tall sheer vertical cliffs?


I don't know how long it would take to get enough mass to lift an entire city 200 feet, but I'm betting it took a while. You'd probably need to do more than just put up one of those "clean fill wanted" signs.

As with Snake Gulch, here we have the game designers adding walls that make no sense and make the place harder to navigate. Some nice rolling hills or gentle elevation shifts would be fine. They would offer a little variety, at least. But aside from the preposterous cliff (don't forget Detroit is near the Great Lakes - it is flat out there) the city is perfectly level.

Why would you do this? Why set it in Detroit if you want a cliff? Why put in a cliff if you want to set it in Detroit? That's like setting the game in New York, except at the top of a mountain and hundreds of miles from the ocean. The only reason to use real-world locations is to add a bit of verisimilitude, which was obviously not a priority for anyone involved with this project. Just make up your own city if you want to make clifftown so bad.

"But this game is based on the Pen & Paper setting!"

I don't see how that makes any difference. You can't excuse lazy nonsense by simply saying that you're just perpetuating someone else's lazy nonsense. (And I strongly suspect the cliffs aren't part of the P&P setting.)

Thankfully I have the gift of flight, so the cliffs are of no concern to me.

Sadly, some parts of the city have not yet been rebuilt.


Next we have the renaissance center, a circle of massive sky needles. I know I made a big deal earlier when I was joking about about the taxpayers and asking about who pays for all the superhero stuff. Some people thought maybe I was making a big deal out of nothing. Maybe this will help explain what I'm getting at:


The city center has these stratosphere-poking towers that dwarf even the tallest buildings in the city. The best is the one that has a convention-center sized building stuck on top of a couple of kilometer-tall toothpick elevator shafts. At the top? Some benches and a couple of soda machines. It's just a hangout for the supers. Also worth noting is the immense dance club. All of these buildings are just for the supers.

These are nice:


FIRST HERO: You know what would really be great here in the city center?

SECOND HERO: Some sort of memorial to the people who died when Dr. Destroyer Attacked?

FIRST HERO: I was thinking more along the lines of statues of ourselves.

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