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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 10

Shamus Young | 22 Sep 2010 09:00
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Suddenly we cut to the studio to see...


Ah Foxbat. There have only been two animated cutscenes previous to this one. The first was Ironclad launching himself at the alien mothership, and the second was at the finale of the crisis zone where we fought captain suitpants and his energy blades of pinkness. Yeah. I'm not hunting around, looking for silly stuff in some obscure Easter-egg sidequest. This is one of the central quest-lines in the game and a place where time and effort were spent on scripting and voice acting.

The newscast Foxbat is interrupting is a rip-off of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Every character in the news studio (aside from the bad guys) is a slightly altered version of a character from the cast of Anchorman. But that's as far as it goes. The game doesn't go on to do any jokes, satirize the movie, or say anything interesting.

Like all of the "humor" surrounding Foxbat, the game tries to remind you of things that you may have found funny elsewhere without telling any jokes of its own. Winking at the audience and paying homage is something you do while telling jokes, not instead of.

Foxbat! That maker of mild mischief! He'll never get away with trespassing on studio property and interrupting a news broadcast. Actually, I guess he already got away with that. Well, I came all the way to the studio. Might as well beat him up while I'm here.


Foxbot fanboys throw these yellow triangles at you if you're overhead or at a distance. I always thought that the triangles were those folded paper footballs, but now that I've gotten a close look at them in a still shot I have to say they're very clearly I don't know what the hell.

So here he is. The dumbass himself. Although, for all his ranting about wanting to be on TV he hasn't bothered to step in FRONT of the cameras yet.


Foxbat opens the fight with a gun that blows a bubble. It looks kind of like bubble gum.


Whoops. It IS bubble gum. And when it pops, I'm trapped in gum.

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