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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 11

Shamus Young | 29 Sep 2010 09:00
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Okay. You've drawn your gun. I don't know that you need that just yet. I mean, let's have a look around and see...


"You want to get some West Side trash? So we're on litter duty? No? I don't underst- OH MY GOSH YOU'RE SHOOTING PEOPLE?!?"

The people on the other side of the street return fire. I sort of panic a bit, but they're shooting at Lt. McClintock and I figure I have to protect him. He's a cop, and must have seen something I didn't. I jump in and try to draw their attention, using my body to shield McClintock from the hail of gunfire.

The bad guys fall and I look around to see who might have seen that.


"I'm sorry?" I say in confusion. "'Get a roll on?' Is that police talk? I don't know what that means, unless you're telling me you need deodorant. Look, I can tell you're pretty excited here, but I didn't see those guys committing any crimes. I mean, it's not my place to tell you how to do your job, but shouldn't you at least try to arrest them before you go shooting up the neighborhood? I could scout ahead an-"


Lt. McClintock suddenly spots another group of men standing together and decides to execute them for the crime of defending themselves from being executed. Against my better judgment I once again prevent him from dying in his suicide charge.

I am really uncomfortable with this entire situation, and I try to get the officer to maybe stop and explain what we're trying to accomplish here. I know I've punched my share of people into the afterlife, but they were at least guilty of something when I did so, and they usually took the first shot. And I'd expect a little more due process out of an actual officer of the law. This isn't even-

Lt. McClintock ignores me and keeps walking. At this point I notice that despite my best efforts, he's in pretty bad shape. He's taken a few hits and could do with a little medical attention. But the blood loss has done nothing to quell his blood lust, and he pushes onward despite my protests.

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