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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 11

Shamus Young | 29 Sep 2010 09:00
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Not again.

Fifteen seconds later we've got another inconvenient pile of corpses. And Lt. McClintock has a few more leaks in his non-super hide.


"Feeling a little woozy, Officer McClintock? How about a free flight to the hospital? My treat. Ever fly with a super before? It's lots of fun. Better than a rollercoaster. We can get you all patched up. Mercy Hospital isn't far. I'll bet the nurses there are cute. And then maybe some of your friends on the force will drop by and we can talk about your... enthusiastic approach to crime fighting. Whaddya say?"


I really am at a loss here. Heedless of his wounds, Officer McClintock rushes forward and begins firing into the crowd of heavily-armed men. And it looks like he's managed to attract the attention of some of Foxbat's goons. So now we're fighting a two-front war. In the open. Against vastly superior numbers. We might actually have a chance here if Lt. Murder wouldn't charge into the fray halfway through the fight and start punching people with his gun.

Yeah. Ya gotta love escort missions.

A few seconds later he succumbs to his unfortunate condition of being too much stupid and not much bulletproof.


Well, I can't say this was a surprise.

I mop up the foes. Then I look backwards over the trail of blood and death we've left in our wake and realize that I have no way to explain any of this. I skulk away and conclude that whatever I'm going to do at this point, I should do it far away in another part of the city.

Maybe Socrates has some jobs for me...

Next Week: Adventure, excitement, and concocting a plausible alibi for what we were doing this week! Don't miss it!

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