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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 13

Shamus Young | 13 Oct 2010 09:00
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The first time I encountered this mission I didn't see the woman turn the corner. When the message popped up saying "IT'S AN AMBUSH!" I was nowhere near the bad guy. The ambush fight is timed, so I was running around the alleyways, frantically searching for the ambush. I failed the mission because I couldn't find the guy who was trying to ambush me.

I failed?


That ... That was really something.

Dazed, I stumble back to Socrates.

I'm tired of fighting it. I'm just going to do whatever he says and not think too much about it. I'm just going to give in to the crazy. Whatever Socrates asks for, I'll just do it.

"Hey. UNIVAC," I say, slapping the side of his kiosk like a vending machine that just ate my quarter. "Where to next?"

His suggestion is actually rather welcome. He says I should get out of town for a few days. Apparently there are some problems brewing out west and they could use my help.

Yes. That sounds really nice.

An airship ride later and I'm in the middle of the desert. Let's take a look around.


There's a ghost town here. With ghosts.


There are some ghosts who are standing around, waiting for superheroes to help them defeat other ghosts. I'm not sure what there is to be gained from getting involved in a bunch of inter-ghost squabbles. The living have enough problems to keep a hero busy, thanks.


East of spook town is the atomic wasteland, a sea of noxious green vapor, boiling with radiation. There is a scientist nearby, looking for superheroes to go in and thin the armies of rampaging mutants within the cloud.

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