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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 13

Shamus Young | 13 Oct 2010 09:00
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Why would we need to do this? Even if I cleaned the place out, the place is still bathed in DNA-scrambling poison. And even if I cleaned the place out and someone else waved a magic wand to remove the rads, it still wouldn't matter because we're in the middle of the desert and nobody wants to live here anyway. If we exerted all our power, and then some, we could turn this atomic wasteland into a plain old regular wasteland. This doesn't sound like the most productive way a hero could spend his time.


Ah. A Viper terrorist base. I have to admire the fund-raising abilities of terrorists who fail at every battle, produce nothing value, and are still able to build something the size of a major university in the middle of the desert. I make a note to smash up their stuff at a later time.

Looking to the east, I see ...


Stronghold prison, the most secure prison in the world, home to the deadliest supervillains who ever lived. Naturally there's a breakout in progress.


I know I sound like a broken record when I complain about all the statues, but I really do feel compelled to question the need for this sort of thing. The fact that there's a breakout in progress supports the notion that the statue money could have been better spent elsewhere.


Also, if you are going to waste money building huge statues for your prison, do they really need to be of the inmates?

The cause of the breakout is the supervillain Menton. He's a master of mind control, and he's using his brain powers to control everyone in the prison, inmates and guards alike. They have all been enslaved and are now guarding him. The place has gone from being his prison to his fortress.


Outside, hero Isabella Maronni is using her powers to keep a cluster of men free from Menton's influence. She and her men can hold this area on their own, but they need someone to go in and stop Menton.

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