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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 13

Shamus Young | 13 Oct 2010 09:00
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But before I can go charging inside and punch Menton's distended brain, Isabella has a list of jobs for me. Certain inmates should be rescued. Power stations need to be disabled. A few powerful baddies need to be neutralized. A half dozen guards need to be culled. Escort a-

"Hang on a second," I object. "What was that last one? About the guards?"

Isabella nods, "Yeah. I need you to take out six guards. You know. Help thin the ranks."

"Why? I mean ... they're just being mind-controlled."

"They're patrolling around the prison, defending it."

I shrug, "I can fly right over them. No need to hurt any-"


"What the hell was that?" I shout over the ringing in my ears.

Isabella regains her footing after the earth-shattering explosion, "Nothing to worry about. That's just the bombing."

"The bad guys are bombing their own prison? Is that how they're breaking out?"

"No. We're doing the bombing!" she says while pointing skyward. I look just in time to see a fighter jet pass overhead. A dark shape falls away and drops into the prison yard.


"Are those planes trying to-", I begin to say before the explosion answers my question.

"Yeah I guess I should have warned you about that", she says as she shields her eyes from the blast wave of dust and debris, "We've got fighter jets carpet-bombing the area. You'll want to watch out for that when you go in."

"You're bombing the mind-controlled guys? And you're not going to stop when I go in?"

"We're trying to soften them up."

"You're killing people. People that aren't even in our way. People that could go home to their families once we stop Menton."

"Don't act so superior. You're the one who just agreed to kill six guards," she says accusingly.

I can see this isn't going anywhere good, so I leave. There's one last area here in the desert in need of my help. Whatever it is, it can't be worse than this.

NEXT TIME: Wrong! Tune in next time for the stupid, anticlimactic, waste-of-everyone's-time conclusion!

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