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Shamus Plays WoW #4: What Happens in Goldshire...

Shamus Young | 17 Nov 2010 09:00
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"No," Norman replies. "It's always like this."

We pick our way carefully through the crowd of warring crazies, ducking sword blows and skirting around things which happen to be on fire.

Suddenly a man in glowing plate armor steps in front of us. His body is sheathed in lightning. In one hand he holds a hammer that a more sensible person might hold in two. The tip glows red as if it had been pulled from a forge only a moment ago.

There's an awkward pause as the two men look at each other, Norman in his beggar robes and Hammer Guy in his epic regalia.

"Pardon," Norman manages to squeak as he steps to one side. "Just passing through."

"FIGHT ME!" Hammer Guy screams.

"No. No thank you," Norman says as we dart away.

Norman looks down at me, "They do this all the time. They won't attack unless you agree to the duel."

Hammer Guy pounces in front of us with a clank. "FIGHT ME!" he bellows again.

"Still not interested," Norman says.

"FIGHT ME!" he calls after us as we head to the inn.

Q: What's the second-most funny thing in the world?

A: A level 80 guy asking a level 5 guy for a duel!

Q: What's the MOST funny thing in the world?

A: Asking him 50 times!

Bonus points if you accuse him of being "chicken" for refusing. I want Blizzard to add a feature to the game: Auto-ignore anyone who offers to duel me in Goldshire.


"Here's what we're looking for," Norman says.

"We're looking for twins dancing on a fence in their underpants? I don't know what you've got planned, but I like it already."

"No. I mean the inn."

Boss leads us upstairs and begins nervously peeking into the rooms.


"What are we doing in here?" I ask.

"I'm trying to find my Warlock instructor," he hisses back in a stage whisper. "I know she'll be around here somewhere. Probably hiding from all the crazy people."

"What crazy people? You mean the weird guy peeking into all the occupied rooms and talking to his pet demon?"

"No. Crazy people like them," Norman nods at a nearby room.

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