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Shamus Plays WoW #7: The Cataclysm Begins!

Shamus Young | 8 Dec 2010 09:00
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Boom. Mortal realm. I'm suddenly back in Azeroth, and once again knee high to a Gnome.


"Gobstab! Praise the Light! I need your help," Norman cries. He looks like he's seen some tough times.

I shrug, "I told you I'd be back. Although I'm one-hundred percent positive you shouldn't praise the light when you summon a demon."

Norman thinks for a second, "Would that be considered an insult to good, or evil?"

"Both, I think."


I look around at the tumble of burned, ruined buildings, "I guess it's too much to hope that this is your doing?"

"It is. This was done by a dragon."

"Yeah. Deathwing. And for the record: I totally called it."

Norman sighs, "I guess you did. But how did you know that a dragon was going to attack?"

"What? You think something like this could pop up without demons hearing about it? A lot of evil mortals were involved in setting him free. We saw this coming ages ago."

"I guess you must be happy about this, then?" Norman says mournfully.


"Not as such. While we love seeing worlds destroyed, we prefer to be the ones doing the destroying. So Deathwing is kind of cock-blocking us, here. On the other hand, this disaster is going to be great for membership. You're lucky you got into demonology when you did. A lot of peasants will be getting into it now that Deathwing has struck. Don't even get me started on the huge backlog of Dwarven Warlocks we're dealing with. But you ... you got in early, and so you got me. These new Warlocks will get stuck with the newbie and intern demons."

"Well, Deathwing has really done a lot of damage. Entire towns are gone. The place is in chaos. It's terrible."

"Terribly awesome, you mean. Let's get started."

Norman is surprised, "You seem awfully eager to go out and do good."

"Just bored," I admit. "You got me out of a meeting."


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