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Shamus Plays: WoW #11: What? More Work?

Shamus Young | 5 Jan 2011 09:00
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"Okay, so we've killed the wolves. We just need to kill five bears and we're good," Norman says.

"I haven't seen any bears."

"Me neither."

We take another loop through the woods looking for bears, and end up killing another eight wolves.

"Are you sure this isn't a prank," I ask. "Like, are bears made-up? Did those idiots send us out here to kill a mythical creature?"

"Bears are real!" Norman insists.

"I don't believe in them. I certainly don't believe there are enough of them around here to be causing problems for this camp."

We make another loop through the woods. We find the remains of a bear someone else has killed.


"See! Bears exist!" Norman says triumphantly.

"This could be a hoax," I say suspiciously. "I bet someone just put wolf hair on a cow or something."

"It's not a hoax. This is a real bear. We just need to find one that's still alive. So that we can kill it. And four more."

We do another loop around the camp and kill another half dozen wolves. Then we go to the edge of the forest and end up getting too close to Murlocistan, which is a bad move all around.

"There!" Norman shouts. He's pointing at something brown in the distance.


"What? You mean that brown cow?"

"It's not a cow, it's a bear," he argues.

"I'll believe it when I smell it roasting. Whatever it is, we're going to have to kill some more wolves to get to it," I point out. And then we end up doing exactly that.


"See? Real!" Norman says once we've killed the thing. "Bears exist in this world."

"Not anymore. You just killed the last one."

"There are plenty more around here, I'm sure," Norman says.

"Soooo ... at the going rate we're going to need to kill about ten thousand wolves before we can kill five bears," I tell Master.

"This is stupid," he admits.


"I suppose just saying you killed five bears is out of the question?" I ask hopefully. "Better yet, just go back and say you killed every bear you saw. That's not even a lie."

"No, the job said to kill five bears, so we're going to kill five bears. But I have an idea. I remember seeing bears around the Stonefield's farm."

"That's on the other side of the forest. Those bears are not threatening the logging camp."

"Neither was this bear. But it will let us fill our quota," Norman shrugs.

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