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Shamus Plays: WoW #11: What? More Work?

Shamus Young | 5 Jan 2011 09:00
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So we travel to the other side of the forest, and kill five bears around the Stonefield farm. While we're there, Ma Stonefield waves us over for help.

"Let me guess," says Norman. "You need help with all the bears crawling around your property?"



"Oh," Norman says, disappointed. "Let's hear it, then."

Ma yells to us, "The Brackwells have a prize-winning pig, Princess. The sow is HUGE, and she got that way from sneaking over here and eating my veggies! It just so happens that she's here now! Princess must die! Bring me her collar as proof of the deed and I'll give you something for your time!"

Norman says, "You know about fencing, right? That's what most people use when they're trying to grow a garden and they're surrounded by wild animals. A fence keeps animals out. And fencing is cheaper than hiring adventurers to assassinate creatures one at a time."


That's actually the name of the quest.


Norman and I walk ten steps into her field and light Princess on fire. She's a big pig. She's still wearing her first-place ribbon.

"Done," Norman says. The pig is still sizzling a bit as he says this. Ma pays us the cash.

"You sure that was the smart move?" I ask as we walk away. "I mean, you killed a prize-winning pet. This could come back to haunt you later."


"I thought you'd be happy," Norman says with surprise. "We killed something. You're always trying to get me to kill things."

"Don't get me wrong, I am one hundred percent in favor of killing. But I'd prefer if we weren't idiots about it. Kill stuff in secret. Blame other people. That kind of thing. If done right, killing that pig could start another feud. Imagine, a three-way feud! It would be hilarious. What you want to avoid is having everyone unite against you."

We head back to the logging camp and Norman reports our five dead bears and seven dozen dead wolves.

"Great!" Norman says as we march back into the logging camp. "We've killed the animals, so now the woods are safe for ... us. So we can collect the wood for the workers who are too scared to enter the woods on account of the dead wolves and the bears that nobody can find."

"Don't try to think about it too much, boss."


So we go out into the forest, pick up the bundles of wood, and, just for good measure, end up killing another dozen or so wolves and a Murloc.

We bring the wood back to Supervisor Raelen and she sends us on our way.

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