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Shamus Plays: WoW #12: Hogger!

Shamus Young | 12 Jan 2011 09:00
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On the edge of Elwynn forest we come to a garrison.

"Maybe we should see if they have any jobs posted," Norman mutters to himself. "You know, before we leave Elwynn for good."

There is a job:


Interesting note is that this quest is marked as a [group] quest in your quest log, but the quest description doesn't say anything about it being a group job or suggest what size group you should have. Looks like a regular old solo quest if you read the description.

Kind of odd. Still, Hogger is a handful and taking him on solo would be very foolish.

"Looks good, we'll do it," Norman says.

"What's a Gnoll?" I ask.

"Erm. I think it's kinda like a pig-man," Norman says. "They're not too dangerous. They're only about waist high."

We plunge into the forest and slaughter our way to Hogger's camp. It turns out he's a good bit taller than "waist high".


"He's very large," Norman says nervously. "Ah well, I'm sure the guards wouldn't have posted it if it was too big a job."

Norman formulates a detailed battle plan and draws it into the dirt:

1) He sets Hogger on fire.
2) I distract Hogger with a fireball.
3) Norman begins rending Hogger with tendrils of malignant shadow magic.
4) I continue to confuse Hogger with fireballs.
5) Norman heals himself by draining away the last of Hogger's life energy.

We edge around Hogger's camp and find a good defensive position. Then Norman launches the attack. It goes something like this:

1) Hogger runs over and begins stabbing Norman.
2) Norman closes his eyes and swings his staff around while making little-girl noises.
3) See number two.

Somehow Hogger gets slightly injured by this process. So he calls for help.


So now we have a little cluster of tiny Hoglings to fight. Things start to look grim. I won't get credit for Norman if he dies before turning to evil, and I'd hate to see all of my half-assed efforts go to waste.

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