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Shamus Plays WoW #13: Crime and Punishment

Shamus Young | 19 Jan 2011 09:00
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Norman sets him on fire, yanks out his soul, scorches his mind with searing agony, and then bonks him on the head with his staff. I don't even get a hit in before the guy drops dead. Afterward, children rush in and take all his stuff.


"Not sure why he attacked me," Norman says scratching his head. "I mean, he could have just said 'no.'"

"I guess we just got lucky then," I say.

Not sure what the deal is with the kids that spawn and loot the hobos. I guess it's to keep you from farming these guys for loot?


We try again with another hobo. She's only about ten paces away and she couldn't have missed what just happened to the last hobo, but she decides to try her knuckles up against Norman's demonic power, and ends up overdosing on fire.


"What is wrong with these guys?" Norman asks once the smoke clears and the kids have robbed the corpse.

"They smell."

"No, I mean why do they keep fighting us?"

"I don't know, but don't jinx it now. Let's go three for three."

The next guy gets mad and runs off, screaming about Murlocs. The next one picks a fight.

The next hobo shouts something about Gnolls before he runs away. Then we kill a couple more.


"I would not expect a murder investigation to involve killing this many hobos," Norman says.

Eventually we head back to the detective. Norman gives him the story, "I didn't find out who perpetrated this murder, but I committed about five more over there."

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