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Shamus Plays: WoW #14: Thinking Inside the Box

Shamus Young | 26 Jan 2011 09:00
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Norman stands there in stunned silence for a few moments. Finally he replies, "Okay." We head for the road.

"We're really leaving Westfall?" I ask.

"I don't see any point in staying. We're killing hobos to investigate the murder of a couple of hobos to uncover a conspiracy of hobo-murderers."

"You know boss, I'm proud of you," I tell him.

"You're what? I'd think you would be disappointed. Aren't you in favor of all this senseless killing?"

"You have a very old-fashioned view of evil. But no. Being evil doesn't mean killing hobos for no reason, especially not when it's a waste of your time and talent. Don't get me wrong, hobo-killing is a great recreational sport, but it doesn't pay the bills and it doesn't build your power. I'm just glad to see you taking a stand. You didn't let those idiots mooch help off of you just because you felt sorry for them."


"I don't feel sorry for them," Norman says flatly.

"Good man!" I tell him. "See, your mother might disapprove of the stuff you do just because you didn't become a paladin. But I'm proud of you as long as you're using your skills and looking out for yourself."

Norman nods. Looks like his head is busy.

"So where are we headed next?" I ask him.

"Let's head for the Redridge Mountains," he says. "We'll see if there's anyone worth helping."


NEXT WEEK: Our story ends. What will happen to Norman?

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