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Shoot Club
Radio Shoot Club, Part Two

Tom Chick | 12 Jul 2007 17:00
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TREVOR: Hello, I'm Trevor and this is Radio Shoot Club. I'm here with--

DOUGLAS: Isn't there going to be music?

_: Yeah, yeah, they add that in later.

DOUGLAS: When I did my radio show, we started out playing the music so we could hear it. It helps get you psyched up if you can hear it. I don't know, I guess podcasts are different.

_: Yeah, they're different. That's more of a radio thing. Podcasts can just edit in that stuff later.

TREVOR: Can I finish introducing everyone? Jeeze.

_: Actually, let's go ahead and start over. Nick, can you hear me in there?

DOUGLAS: Of course he can hear you, he's the engineer. It's his job to record all of this. What kind of engineer can't hear you?

_: Nick, can we start over?


_: Oh, okay. But we can edit around it, right?


_: Yes, I can hear you fine over the headphones.

TREVOR: I can't hear him. It's just making a lot of racket when he talks.


TREVOR: Yeah, I couldn't hear that either. Should I just start over?

_: Take it from the intro.

TREVOR: This is Trevor and welcome to Radio Shoot Club, this week's Shoot Club podcast.

DOUGLAS: It might help if you know what music they're going to play.

TREVOR: We already know that. That was one of the first things I stipulated when _ asked me to do this.

_ You still haven't introduced us.

DOUGLAS: What music?

TREVOR: Blue Oyster Cult. Godzilla.

DOUGLAS: As the intro?

_: And I'm _ and that was Douglas asking about the music. It helps if people know whose voice is who. Okay, I've introduced us. Go ahead.

TREVOR: As I was saying, welcome to the Shoot Club podcast.


DOUGLAS: What the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) is that for?

TREVOR: It's my sound effect. I also have this.


DOUGLAS: What are you, Carrot Top?

TREVOR: I thought it would be cool to have sound effects.

_: Yeah, I think that's more of a radio thing, too.

TREVOR: That doesn't mean we can't do it.


DOUGLAS: That's going to get old fast.

TREVOR: I'm here with videogaming journalist _, and everyman videogamer Douglas.

_: I already did the introductions.


TREVOR: Our topics this week. The latest Harry Potter game, which has learned a thing or two from Bully. Plus Overlord, a rollicking minion romper. And The Darkness, the chilling new horror shooter from Starbreeze. Are you afraid of the dark? And more. But first, this week's top ten list. The Top Ten Reasons Zelda Is Better Than Sex. Number ten. Link's slingshot is--


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