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Shoot Club
Radio Shoot Club, Part Three

Tom Chick | 19 Jul 2007 17:00
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"How was E3?" Douglas asks when I get back in town. We're on the way to do this week's podcast. Trevor has picked me up and Douglas doesn't even offer me shotgun. He just leans forward a little and lets me push his seat up to climb into the back.

I've prepped for the 'How was E3?' question. It's like when you go on vacation and come back. Everyone asks how your vacation was, but most of them don't really want a blow-by-blow account. You have to be ready with a quick overall summary and one or two bite-sized anecdotes. Something like: 'It was great. We saw dolphins. The weather was awesome, but it rained on us one day.'

"It was great. Santa Monica is really nice. Nintendo had a good presentation, but the Playstation 3 is in trouble. Rock Band is really cool."

Douglas nods and then starts to tell us about this chick he knows who just got breast implants.

"So what else did you see?" Trevor asks. Bless his heart. Breast implants? Whatever. Halo 3? Now we're talking. Trevor wants to hear more than just the 25-words-or-less briefing. He wants the full report, and there will even be Q&A.

"Well, I feel like I spent most of my time either waiting for or riding on a shuttle bus. I saw more of Santa Monica than anything else. When E3 was in the Convention Center in Los Angeles, it was this grubby corner of downtown that I could ignore because I was busy seeing games. But this year, Santa Monica got in between all the games."

"That sucks," Trevor notes. "Santa Monica sucks."

"Lots of breast implants in Santa Monica, right?" Douglas asks, perhaps stinging a little from the lack of interest in his tangent.

"I don't have anything against Santa Monica, although I don't see how someone can live in such relentlessly pleasant weather. At least Florida has thunderstorms and insufferable humidity."

"Not as many breast implants, probably. So this girl who got the implants last week, she says they're still sore, but I can touch them if I want. So I told her--"

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