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Shoot Club: Shot Club, Part Two

Tom Chick | 9 Aug 2007 17:00
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Two Shoot Clubs ago, when everyone repaired to the PCs to play Command & Conquer 3, Trevor asked me if I had the new Ghost Recon.

"I have both of them," I told him. "Both GRAWS, for the 360 and the PC."

"I want to try the new one. I want to do some Advanced Warfighting. I'm tired of RTSs. This isn't Drag Select Club, it's Shoot Club. Can you set up the 360?"

The more stuff someone has hooked up to his TV, the harder it is for some bystander to work it. If you've ever house sat, you know how that goes. It's the old 'figure out the three remotes' puzzle. So while Trevor poured a Diet Dr. Pepper and extracted a stack of chocolate covered Oreos from the box, I turned on the TV, sound system, 360, and switcher box, a process that only takes two remotes. Then, making sure he wasn't looking, I switched GRAW 1 and GRAW 2 in their boxes.

"Okay, you're all set," I told him, wandering into the next room to see if Peter was going to do his cheesy Scorpion Tank/Buggy rush.

"So this is Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2?" I asked Trevor after getting bored of watching Peter's army move around the map like scrubbing bubbles. Trevor probably thought he was playing the sequel. I was going to gloat about tricking him and in the process prove that the two GRAWs are indistinguishable.

"It's the one in Mexico."

"The one about the nuke?" That would be 2.

"I'm not really following the storyline. I'm just here for the guns."

Clever. Was he on to the gag? Did he know he was playing GRAW 1?

"Have you done a Little Bird insertion yet?" I asked. It was one of the few new things in GRAW 2. You only got to quick rope out of Blackhawks in GRAW 1. But in GRAW 2, you could ride a Hughes MH-6 helicopter, also known as a Little Bird, into the level. Then it flew away and you might as well be playing GRAW 1 again.

"I don't really pay attention to how I get here. I have a job to do. I'm just here to do the mission and then go home." He picked off a couple of Mexicans by shooting into the distance at the bright red diamonds superimposed over their torsos.

"I switched disks," I confessed, pleased with myself.

"No duh. You know, there's a big screen before the game starts that tells you what you're playing."

He had me there.

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