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Smile and Nod: The Extra E in E3

Russ Pitts | 14 Jul 2008 17:00
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The Escapist will be on the scene to cover the show from Day One. In fact, we're already there. Susan hit the ground running on Sunday, and if you haven't already, be sure to read her reports from the show floor and elsewhere at The Escapist's E3 page. She'll be bringing in news straight from the big talks, and interviews with developers.

Also, this year, for the first time, The Escapist will be on the show floor with a camera crew. Julianne and I will be conducting interviews and capturing the action from inside the convention center and bringing it back to you in video form. We're very excited about the possibility of giving you an Escapist-eye view of E3, and we hope the show lives up to its promise. Keep an eye on the front page of The Escapist and on the E3 Page for our video reports, but some of those might not get uploaded until next week.

In addition to the general goings on of the convention, talks with developers and behind-closed-doors looks at upcoming games, The Escapist will also be following the candidacy of Mike Wilson, CEO of Gamecock, as he campaigns for the Presidency of the ESA. While the ESA is not a democratically governed body, and there actually is no election for its president, and Mike, seeing as he's not a member of the ESA, wouldn't even be eligible if there was, we're sure his candidacy will have some meaning. Of some sort. Maybe.

At the very least it will give us an opportunity to spend some time with Team Gamecock, and watch - from a distance - as they continue to evolve their image as the bad boys of gaming. Honestly, we have no idea what they have in store for us, but we expect it will be entertaining.

Last year, their suite at the Hotel California was the scene of many testosterone-charged antics including a stripper-fueled late night bash the same night as Microsoft's exclusive soiree, and a New Orleans-style funeral march down the Santa Monica beach, celebrating the death of the old E3. No official word has been leaked just yet as to what, exactly, will be going down this year. I was simply told to show up at a specific time and place, and that it would be "fun." We'll be hanging on for dear life.

The Escapist will also be providing coverage of the CGS Quarterfinal matches in Santa Monica, and we'll be talking to leading developers and industry leaders about the state of the industry, E3 and what, exactly, is the future of the ESA.

Did Activision's defection signal the beginning of the end, or does the trade group and its signature showcase still have some life left in it yet? Our mission is to find out.

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