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Feeling Greedy? How to Get ALL the Gold in Diablo 3's Vault

CJ Miozzi | 20 Mar 2015 23:45
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Greed's Domain. The Vault. The Goblin Treasure Realm. Whatever you call it, this area - added to Diablo 3 in patch 2.1 - is much sought-after by players in need of gold. One trip to the Vault can easily net you tens of millions - if not hundreds of millions - of those shiny, shiny coins that you desperately need to craft gems and enchant your gear. While running low on gold eventually becomes a non-issue, here are some tips to the Vault for those still getting started in their demon-hunting adventures.

How to find The Vault

First off, The Vault has a random chance of spawning when you kill a goblin outside of a Rift. Inside Rifts, there is no chance at getting The Vault to spawn. Otherwise, in Adventure Mode, there is roughly a 1 in 50 chance that killing a goblin will result in the golden portal to The Vault opening.

While you can find goblins as you go about running bounties, letting The Vault remain a random and exciting bonus, you can optimize your chances of finding it by specifically hunting for goblins.

There are a number of areas that spawn goblins fairly consistently, and some players include all of these areas in their goblin hunting runs: Tower of the Damned, Tower of the Cursed, Northern Highlands, the Cave of the Moon Clan in the Southern Highlands, the Caverns of Aranea (to hunt Arsect the Venomous), and the Core of Arreat.

When split farming in a group of four players, it is advantageous to have every player scout a different area, but when I farm by myself, I focus only on the Core of Arreat. Why? It's a small area, it has a predictable and easy-to-navigate path, and it spawns goblins fairly regularly (roughly one fifth of the time, as a conservative estimate). Change your build and items to optimize your mobility, run through the area, and only stop to kill goblins or once you reach the steps leading down to the next area. Once you've either killed a goblin or reached the stairs, town portal back to town, leave the game, and try again.

Once you reach the end of the Core of Arreat, if there are monsters attacking you, it may be quicker to simply let them kill you, revive in town, and leave game to remake. Or, you can equip the Barter Town Pads shoulder slot items to town portal out while monsters are attacking you.

How to Maximize your Gold Find

Once a Vault portal has spawned, you want to take your time to swap to your gold find gear in order to get the most out of your trip. Reset the fourth tab of your paragon points and dump everything into gold find: you can get 50% right there. Beyond that, equip gear that has gold find as a secondary stat. Every item slot - apart from most weapons - can roll with up to 35% gold find. Amulets can roll up to 80%. Here are some additional items that will further boost your gold find:

Sun Keeper (one-handed mace): Increases damage against elites by 15-30%. +26-60% Extra Gold from Monsters. Weapons can't normally roll gold find, and the extra damage versus elites will help with the fight versus Greed, the boss of the treasure realm.

Devil Tongue (one-handed sword): 26-80% Extra Gold from Monsters. This sword can roll even higher gold find than Sun Keeper; if you can dual-wield these two weapons, do so for maximum gold find.

Kymbo's Gold (amulet): Picking up gold heals you for an amount equal to the gold that was picked up. +75-100% Extra Gold from Monsters. This amulet rolls higher gold find than any other, and the heal effect is powerful, considering you will have roughly 500,000 hit points and will be picking up millions of gold.

Goldskin (Chest armor): Chance for enemies to drop gold when you hit them. 100% Extra Gold From Monsters. The chance for enemies to drop gold is actually quite low, but the 100% guaranteed gold find buff makes this the single greatest gold find item in the game.

Blackthorne's Set (Amulet, pants, belt, boots, & chest pieces available): 3-piece set bonus: 25% extra gold from monsters. If you can somehow squeeze in three pieces of Blackthorne's set into your gold find gear - such as by using two pieces and a Ring of Royal Grandeur - then you can add another 25% gold find.

Legacy of Nightmares (2 rings): 2-piece set bonus: 15% extra gold from monsters. It's a small gold find bonus, but if you can fit in these two pieces without much sacrifice, then go for it.

If you are completely maxed out on gear and paragon points, you'll have over 750% gold find - and that's before factoring in bonuses from difficulty level, which are listed below.

  • Hard: 75% extra gold
  • Expert: 100% extra gold
  • Master: 200% extra gold
  • Torment 1: 300% extra gold
  • Torment 2: 400% extra gold
  • Torment 3: 550% extra gold
  • Torment 4: 800% extra gold
  • Torment 5: 1150% extra gold
  • Torment 6: 1600% extra gold

These difficulty bonuses serve as multipliers on your total gold find, following this formula:

Difficulty-modified gold find = (gold find value) x (difficulty percentage/100) + (gold find value)

For instance, if you have a base of 500% gold find, at Torment 6, you would actually have a whopping 8500% gold find. In other words, with maxed out gold find, you'll have over 12,000% gold find.

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