This Is How We Do It

This Is How We Do It
The Secrets to Finding The Items You Want in Diablo 3

CJ Miozzi | 3 Apr 2015 23:59
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The principal driving force behind Diablo 3's action-RPG experience is loot. At its core, the game is a slot machine - a slot machine with far more variety, complexity, and engagement than the casino kind, but a slot machine nonetheless. Every time you kill a monster, or open a chest, or gamble at Kadala, you are pulling on the slot machine for a chance to win big. But while random number generators do ultimately dictate whether you'll get the items you want, you can do far better than simply pray to RNGesus to optimize your odds of winning. Here's how to skew the odds in your favor.

First, let's establish that we are hunting for one or more specific items, as is generally the case when trying to complete an end-game build, rather than contenting yourself with simply seeing as many of those amber and green godbeams shoot up into the sky as possible. This point is key, and is often left out of debates on a contentious issue in the Diablo 3 community: whether it's best to close a rift after killing the Rift Guardian, or fully clearing the rift.

To Full-clear or not?

Rifting is by far the best way to acquire as many legendary items as possible - in a rift, you have double the chance of finding a legendary than outside of a rift. Plus, the Rift Guardian drops Blood Shards, which are the currency used to gamble for legendary items at Kadala. Upon Reaper of Soul's initial release, closing the rift immediately after killing the rift guardian would result in more legendaries per hour than "full-clearing" the rift after the Guardian's death. The logic here is that, since no second Rift Guardian can spawn, your time is better spent progressing to a Rift Guardian in a new rift in order to get the blood shards. There was a clear answer to which option resulted in more legendaries.

But eventually, something happened - players became powerful enough to complete rifts in a couple of minutes (or less!) Suddenly, the 30 seconds of mandatory downtime between closing a rift and opening another was cutting into the overall time spent rifting - if you're spending 25% of your time outside of a rift because you closed immediately after killing the Rift Guardian, then does full-clearing the rift - which will only take a couple minutes longer - counteract the benefit of acquiring blood shards enough to make it even more efficient? The answer is no longer clear, and some players will vociferously vouch for either side of this argument.

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