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This Is How We Do It
The Worst Mistake Heroes of the Storm Players Make, and How to Avoid It

CJ Miozzi | 14 Aug 2015 20:30
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If there is one mistake made by players of Heroes of the Storm - or just about any other game, really - that is the single greatest contributor to losing, this is it. This mistake is made by just about every player in just about every game, and by avoiding this behavior, your win rates will skyrocket. Few people intentionally make this mistake, and avoiding it isn't always easy, but it really is the simplest of things you can work on to significantly improve your play.

So what is this magical mistake responsible for just about every lost game?


Stay with me here - I know this isn't exactly a shocking revelation. Everyone knows dying is bad, but based on what I commonly see in games, it seems many new players don't quite understand that dying is actually one of the worst things you can possibly do in the game. Let's go over why that is, and how you can avoid dying unnecessarily.

No one dies deliberately, of course - barring some exceptional circumstances. But players frequently take actions that lead to their deaths. Most of the time, when you die, it's not because the healer didn't heal you; it's not because the tank didn't block for you; it's not because someone didn't crowd-control for you; it's no one else's fault but your own.

And that's fine! We become better players by learning from our mistakes - but we must own up to those mistakes. If the first thing you do when you die is blame your team mates, then you are not adopting a mentality that will help you improve at this game. Every time you die, while waiting to respawn, take a moment and ask yourself - why did I die?

Was I out of position? Did I overextend? Did I pick an unfavorable engagement? Most of the time, you'll find some mistake that you made that you could avoid repeating in the future.

Why is dying so detrimental

When you die, you are feeding the enemy team XP. This will help them get a level lead on you, and while one death won't make a huge difference, feeding multiple kills will add up to a level advantage. You unlock talents at levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 20, and when an enemy team gets a new talent before yours, that's a big advantage, with the biggest being the talent received at level 10 - the Ultimate. There is no greater level difference than between 9 and 10. Feeding the enemy team XP puts your team at a disadvantage.

A second reason why dying is bad: when you're dead, you're not helping your team. You are out of the game. Now there is a burden on your team to have to cover for your absence. If this happens in the laning phase of the game - the 1 to 10 journey - and you were the only person in your lane, then the rest of your team will have to rotate someone down to fill your lane while you're gone. If there is no one in that lane to get the XP when minions die, then your team will continue falling behind in XP on top of the XP you've already fed the enemy by dying. Not only that, but your team now has one fewer member to help get camps, bosses, and map objectives. Even if the respawn timer is fairly short due to it being early in the game, you must still factor in the travel time. The most precious resource in this game is time. Time is what allows a team that is behind to catch up. Every second not spent doing something productive for the team is a wasted resource.

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