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A View From The Road: The Ultimate MMOG Holiday Wish List

John Funk | 28 Dec 2009 17:00
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Last week, I offhandedly mentioned an "Ultimate MMOG Check-List," and while we may be a week late for Christmas, I think the season's still appropriate for a belated holiday wish list, don't you?

I certainly understand that variety is the spice of life and that having MMOGs that cater to a bunch of different playstyles is a good thing. We have WoW, but we need LotRO, EVE Online and Champions, too. The things that make my ideal MMOG, however,may not be the things that make your ideal MMOG - but hey, that's why it's a personal wish list of "things that I want to see more MMOGs do."

Smooth and Natural Animations: Your game can have the most beautiful graphics in the world, but if the animations aren't up to par, the world just won't connect with me - you know, the sort where you're running to the side, but your torso is awkwardly facing forward. WoW's graphics may be aging, but the game's animations are still fluid and natural.

Smooth Ability Execution: Kind of related to the above point - if I hit a button to do an attack, it should start executing that ability immediately. Combat in Warhammer Online felt so disjointed simply because there was a good second or two in between the command to perform a skill and the skill actually going off. There's no way to compensate for the actual lag on the servers, true, but I should see it happening instantly on the client-side.

Awesome Boss Battle Music: Yeah, I already covered this one.

Soloable: Yes, it's an MMOG. Yes, you play with other people. I do like large group-based content, don't get me wrong. But I don't want to be forced to sit around in town with a thumb up my ass for an hour if I can't find a party for whatever reason. If I can't get a group (or don't feel like playing in a group,) I should be able to go off and advance by myself without running into a wall of murlocs (or Crab Norris, for that matter.)

Optional PvP: I'm really more of a "cooperative" guy than a "competitive" one, and, more often than not, I prefer working together to fight the AI to stomping some poor sap's face in PvP. But face-stomping has its place, and I have my PvP moods. It should be there; I should have the option to partake in it. Those who do PvP should be rewarded, but I shouldn't be penalized for not wanting to be jumped out of nowhere by a pair of Undead Rogues for half an hour. And that brings me to...

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