Merging My Hobbies: Halo 3's Theater

Adam LaMosca | 2 Oct 2007 17:00
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I'm sure Bungie envisioned player galleries filled not with carefully framed works of in-game art, but with documentation of especially impressive, humiliating or humorous kills. Still, I'm willing to bet they also wanted to let players discover and appreciate what they might otherwise miss. It's all too easy or overlook a game's creative and artistic details, especially in a frenetic action setting where the primary goal is to kill or be killed.

I don't expect Halo 3's Theater mode to produce a bumper crop of high art, given the scope of the game's subject matter. Even my own in-game photographic aspirations have been limited mostly to capturing cool combat moments. Still, I'm grateful that Bungie took the time to include the feature, and I've no doubt it will ultimately serve to underscore any number of creative and technical accomplishments that might otherwise have been overlooked. Hopefully, other developers will follow suit. Halo 3 certainly isn't the only game whose world would benefit from a closer look.

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