If Only

Adam LaMosca | 8 Jan 2008 17:00
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Five assassinations in, and I was done. I didn't care that my remarkably animated hero was capable of superhuman feats. It didn't matter that the citizens of beautifully-rendered ancient cities needed saving. The conspiratorial malefactors that terrorized the kingdom would be spared. I was finished. I slipped Assassin's Creed back into its prepaid rental return envelope and found myself thinking, once again, if only.

If only Ubisoft had injected a little variety into my hero's tasks, instead of requiring him to repeat the same cookie-cutter "investigations" over and over again. I would have happily finished the game.

If only. While the internet explodes with countless numbered lists announcing the best and worst of last years' offerings, I look back on 2007 and those two words keep echoing in my head.

If only Nintendo had mustered up the temerity to apply the talent behind Super Mario Galaxies to a new intellectual property. If only Hellgate: London hadn't shipped with so many aggravating bugs. If only BioWare had matched Mass Effect's incredible presentation with a decent, well-explained interface. If only Rock Band had included an online World Tour mode.

The above games are a just a few examples, and let me be clear, I'm not listing them here because I didn't like them. I'm listing them here because I did. They captivated me for hours, but like so many of last year's releases, they just weren't perfect, or at least not perfect enough, because of some glaring omission or flaw.

It'd be foolish and pointless for me to argue any objective basis for my personal list of last year's tragic disappointments, because I know all too well that many of the blemishes that tainted my experiences were tolerated by others. And, by the same token, the games that actually met my expectations undoubtedly let down my fellow gamers in ways I overlooked.

Try as I might, I can only think of three major 2007 releases I played that weren't guilty of some significant misstep. Those games are Portal, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Forza Motorsport 2. Were they the best games of the year? Maybe not. I'm not even sure they were my favorites, but in the end they met or exceeded my expectations completely. And yet I've no doubt that in the dark corners of the internet there are forum threads where frustrated gamers roundly vilify these same titles for their perceived flaws. Yes, you may be certain that somewhere, somehow, there are people that actually hated Portal.

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