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Why David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman Must Succeed

Elizabeth Grunewald | 11 Nov 2010 18:30
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Diana deserves better. To be fair, I have never labeled myself as a distinct Wonder Woman fan; of DC's Big Three, I was always a bigger fan of the brooding vigilante than the Amazonian princess. I do love her, though. Wonder Woman, to me, bridges the gap between the god-like superhero and the fully human one. Her powers feel modern-flight, enhanced strength and stamina, etc-but her sensibilities feel older than civilization, and not just due to her association with ancient Greek gods and mythology. Her supremely female strength predates formal patriarchy, and she knows it. Her communicative skills with animals make her seem older than the hills. Diana is insistent on the truth in a very literal sense, and possesses one of the strongest moral compasses of any character I've ever encountered, comics or no.

She is awesome-worthy of awe- and I think she's being severely mishandled as a property. More than one movie has been tentatively suggested in the past decade, then shelved for lack of money or interest. (This is excepting the recent DC Universe Animated Original Movies Wonder Woman, which was generally well-received by critics and fans alike.) Most notably, Warner Brothers yanked Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman film right out from under him. The slights aren't relegated to screen-based adaptations, either. Hostess has recently rebranded a bunch of snack cakes with Justice League heroes (seriously), and it's a total boy's club. Wonder Woman needs defining to be marketed, and to be defined for the world, she needs to be marketed. It's a circular problem, and one that a well-done television show might be able-partially, at least-to solve.

I want this show to be good, because I want another David E. Kelley show to watch. I want it to be good, because I want more comics integrated into both my daily life and the social consciousness. I want it to be an incredible success, though, because I want Wonder Woman to be seen for the incredible character she is, and not just that chick in the Big Three.


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