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The Writers' Room
My Geeky Heart Is Thankful

Elizabeth Grunewald | 25 Nov 2010 10:00
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It's Thanksgiving, which means I have about four different family functions to attend. At each of these, we'll all go around the room and say the things for which we're thankful. Yes, I'm thankful to be clothed, fed, housed, and presumably loved, but there are 13 things for which I'm genuinely thankful that my kin just wouldn't understand. The Escapist will understand, though. It always understands.

1. Bruce Wayne is back, bless his vengeful little soul.

2. Christopher Nolan promises that he won't muck up The Dark Knight Rises with the Riddler. I could just kiss him. (Nolan, not the Riddler.)

3. Doctor Who's Christmas special is only a month away! God bless us, every bow tie.

4. Emma is being serialized in comic form. Love me some Austen.

5. Green actually looks pretty good on Seth Rogan. I find myself cautiously optimistic.

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