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Please Stop Making Me Hate The Simpsons

Elizabeth Grunewald | 8 Dec 2010 17:25
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Firefly (2002-2003)

Firefly took place in a meticulously realized universe. The show's politics were rooted in a fascinating imagined history. The clothing (just watch "Shindig"), professions (Inara's, perhaps?), government (the Alliance still creeps me out for reasons I can't quite articulate), language (if I had thought of cursing in Chinese, I wouldn't have bottled up so many emotions in high school), and food (mmm... mudder's milk) informed a universe in which I was rooting for the outlaws harder than I had rooted for any outlaws previous. That may not sound like a big endorsement, but I love me some anti-heroes who turn out to be heroes. Firefly gave me some Big Damn Heroes.

People have rubbed this one in your face for a while, Fox, and I wish I were a good enough person to avoid such antics. Turns out I'm not.

Seeing Serenity must have really burned you up, huh? Seeing the exciting worlds that Whedon would have explored, had you given him the time to tell his story properly? I hope the sting of squandered potential realized elsewhere kept you up at night. That story could have been yours to air, but you just didn't believe in the 'verse.

I hope it's killing you inside. I will forgive you for the Season 16 episode "A Star Is Torn," and that's it. I don't care how many times you apologize. I will die cursing your sudden, but inevitable, betrayal.

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