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Please Stop Making Me Hate The Simpsons

Elizabeth Grunewald | 8 Dec 2010 17:25
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The Tick (2001-2002)

Speaking of original television, here's another excellent example you squandered. You sort of gave it a chance by giving a plumb spot on the schedule, but the quirky little program was unlikely to catch on immediately, and I think you knew it. Yes, I'm sure it was expensive to produce, but you only aired eight episodes. How much does a season of The Simpsons run? You couldn't have diverted a few of those funds to a smart, funny, character-driven piece about a big blue tick?

It's a shame, too, because in today's near superhero-mania, The Tick might have survived. It had incredible source material and was impeccably cast. I can now only wonder what foes might have joined the ranks of Apocalypse Cow, or where Batmanuel's womanizing ways might have gotten him. Captain Liberty's relationship with the government was a goldmine of comedy and satire waiting to be explored. I forgive you Season 14's worth, and not an episode more.

Look at that. You still have three season's worth of The Simpsons I refuse to forgive, and those I do come at the cost of your heartfelt apologies. As a disillusioned fan, I will continue my avoidance of recent Simpsons, and instead revel in the bygone days of superior shows.

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