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ReCape: Watching The Cape

Elizabeth Grunewald | 10 Jan 2011 17:00
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The Cape shows up to rescue Max, who despite being hardly worked over, is apparently dying, and takes out some ARK cops with his cape on the way in. Max dies, except not really, as he dramatically pops an eye back open. The scene is brilliant, provided the director said, "Be as hammy as you possibly can." The Cape and Chess eventually come head to head in what was probably supposed to be a climactic scene, and each retreats to his corner to fight another day. (That's why the title said, "ROUND ONE!")

The Cape shows up outside Trip's window and gives him some fatherly advice; the scene is only really notable for some dramatic pauses in the line, "Don't lose hope, don't ever... lose hope." Breaks up the drivel.


The Cape thwarts some drug store thugs, the ungrateful store owner makes fun of his superhero name, and a masochistic nation wonders why they're still watching.


Exterior shot: poorly CGed ARK building. Inside, Richard Schiff, slumming it as Secretary of the Bureau of Prisons Patrick Portman, is resisting ARK's attempts to privatize Palm City's correctional services, as it already has with the police force. Cut to a man with long dark hair conducting chemical experiments with what are probably supposed to be chemicals, and not water and food coloring. He's mixing something nasty, as a bird in the background falls over dead. Um, deep, I guess?

The Cape is breaking in to Peter Fleming's place. Oooh, Fleming's got a fancy projected screenless touchscreen, too -- and The Cape can use it with gloves! I can't even answer my smart phone with gloves on, but he can flip through a bunch of digital file folders? Hrmph. Anyway, The Cape notices a file on a French serial killer before Fleming busts in. In a shocking twist, he knew The Cape was coming all along! French serial killer, better known as Cain, is there, and he manages to get one good stab in before The Cape throws himself out the window, only to be picked up by Orwell. A man's arm grabs her steering wheel, and she only gets a solid ten-second glimpse at the giant tarot card tattoo on his forearm before she's able to floor it and escape.


So that knife Vince was stabbed with? Covered in poison, and Orwell is lecturing him as he dies. Women, you know? She takes him to Max, instead of the hospital, and Max takes care of the situation with leeches and nightshade. The way you do. There's a product placement for Mercedes in there somewhere, too, lest I forget. Anyway, Max confiscates the cape, and gives Vince three conspicuously labeled Train Tickets, for him and his family to get out of dodge. Vince turns down the offer, opting to be heroic, but is crying and drooling a little as he says it, so whatever he actually says loses a bit of its punch.

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