E3 2007

There was a dead possum in the gutter.

The short walk from where the shuttle buses dropped us off and Sony's studio in Culver City was about three blocks, and halfway there I saw it. It was a possum. And I was pretty sure it was dead.

I could have poked it just to be sure, but the smell was a fairly definitive statement. This possum wasn't playing; it was dead.

My first reaction was to feel sorry for the poor critter. My second was to think that someone from Sony should have been more careful than to leave such a dangerous metaphor lying around on their big day.

E3 2007

Today, 33 weeks after the launch of Nintendo's Wii console, there is still a shortage. Nintendo has sold over 40 million of the devices and they are still flying off of store shelves as fast as they come in. And it is a hit among key, market growing demographics. Mainly with adults and adult women ( a third of all women polled in households with a Wii report using it "regularly"), the demographic frequently called "the other 90%."

"We see today as a celebration," said Fils-Aime, "for all of us." And by "all of us," he means the entire industry.

E3 2007

If sales of the new generation of consoles were a NASCAR race, it would look something like this:

Microsoft is off to an early lead, having suited up and lapped the track for a full year before Nintendo and Sony even arrived at Daytona. But in the eight months Nintendo has been in the race, they've been burning through tires as fast as Dunlop can make them, and so far they've halved the Microsoft's lead, and are still coming on strong.

Meanwhile, Sony, in the number three car, is laboring just to match their own time from the previous race and Microsoft has been forced to take number of emergency pitstops, which may not cost them the race, but certainly can't help.

Race prediction: Nintendo takes the checkered flag before Christmas, Microsoft hangs on to an impressive, but relatively weak number two position and Sony fires their driver and throws the old car back into the race so they can at least claim "former glory."

Also, Jeff Gordon is a weenie.

E3 2007

Got a chance to check out Funcom's latest MMOG, Age of Conan. What I was able to see looked pretty good, but apparently everyone and his uncle is connected to the same internet connection here in lovely Santa Monica, so all the cool stuff got interrupted by horrendous packet loss while the hotel frantically updated their high speed.

E3 2007

Ah, first appointment of E3. It's special every year, no matter who it is. This year happened to be Sony Online Entertainment, who was showing off a host of games, including a new Stargate Online and what might be the coolest game at E3, The Agency. I think I may be in love.