E3 2015
Angela Bassett, Co-Op "Terror Hunt" Mode Unveiled For Rainbow Six Siege

Conrad Zimmerman | 15 Jun 2015 19:17
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Terror Hunt is back.

Ubisoft delivered a considerable amount of new content for Rainbow Six Siege during their E3 press event.

The deluge started with a brand new trailer, in which a new terrorist group is described. Named "White Mask," the trailer consists mostly of an explanation of the group's willingness to kill indiscriminately. Spooky.

Call in Rainbow Six.

Actress Angela Bassett, who provides the voice of Six, leader of the Rainbow Six counterterrorism unit, appeared on stage during the program. Rainbow Six Siege represents the first role in a videogame for Bassett.

Community Director Genevieve Forget also appeared to present a live multiplayer gameplay demonstration of the game's returning "Terror Hunt" mode. Up to five players will be able to use environmental destruction against what Forget referred to as "the most challenging AI in a Rainbow Six game yet."

In the demo, which ran a hefty six minutes, the team's mission was to disable a bomb in a French consulate. Coordinating as a unit, the players first repelled down the side of the building and entered through a window. The team was shown using a remote controlled drone to disarm bombs and discover enemy locations before breaching doors with explosives of their own.

Once the team began advancing, a series of firefights followed before the team reached the large bomb which was their primary objective. At this point, the mission shifted to a defensive game, as the team must hold their position while the bomb is disarmed.

Following the demo, Forget announced that a open beta will be available on all platforms, which include PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, September 23.

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