E3 2015
Mitch's Favorite Games of E3 2015

Mitchell Saltzman | 23 Jun 2015 18:30
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2. Unravel

I got to get an early look at Unravel back at Judges' Week, so when Martin Sahlin took to the stage at EA's press conference, I knew beforehand that the unsuspecting audience was about to see something special. Unravel is not a game that treads completely unfamiliar ground. Its visual style is very reminiscent of Little Big Planet, and its physics based puzzles, along with its sense of isolation in an increasingly hostile world, bring to mind Limbo. Unravel sets itself apart from those games in its clever use of of the yarn that the adorable mascot character, Yarny, is made out of.

Yarny can use his yarn to make bridges, create trampolines, and swing from grapple points, but you must be careful because Yarny leaves a trail of yarn wherever he goes, making him thinner and thinner as you move forward, until eventually, he can't move forward without completely unraveling. So there's this interesting dynamic of not only having to figure out how to get through an area using your abilities, but also doing so in a manner efficient enough to allow Yarny to proceed without running out of yarn.

Unravel is shaping up to the be the next in a series of brilliant 2D puzzle platformers developed by indie studios, and hopefully it will lead to EA taking more chances on publishing exciting indie games.

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