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Sarah's Favorite Things From E3 2015

Sarah LeBoeuf | 24 Jun 2015 13:30
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Now that I'm a few days removed, I can honestly say that E3 2015 is easily among my favorites. It was my seventh trip to the annual gaming conference, though I've followed many more. I have no way of knowing what impression the livestreams of media briefings and tournaments had on those watching at home, but I do know that the vibe at the show was one of the most positive I've experienced. In fact, it seems like the current generation is finally hitting its stride, and I'm so excited about the 2015 and 2016 gaming line-ups.

It's hard to judge games based on the brief time we get with them before and during E3; it's a lot easier to discuss what titles and trends stood out to me personally. These are the things that made me smile, left a lasting impression, and had me excitedly rehashing details to anyone who would listen. These are my favorite things from E3 2015.

Uncharted 4

I'd almost forgotten how much I missed Nathan Drake. Seeing him onscreen during Sony's press conference and again during a presentation at the convention center was almost like seeing an old friend for the first time in a few years. The Uncharted series means a lot to me personally, particularly the second game in Sony's flagship franchise, and I was already excited to see what the next generation of globe-trotting adventures had to offer. I was not disappointed.

Some will say that Uncharted 4 is more of the same, and it's a valid criticism - but for me, that's not an issue. Why fix what's not broken? I want more of what I love: more of Naughty Dog's incredible dialogue and character models; more intense gunplay; more exhilarating set pieces; more Nate, Sully, and Elena. I'm not expecting to change your mind if you don't care for Uncharted, but for those of us who do, Uncharted 4 can't come soon enough.

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